Exeter Produce

Exeter Produce
Exeter Produce & Storage was established in 1951. We are a third generation family operated fresh produce grower and distributor. Our product is delivered to markets in Canada, The United States and The Caribbean.

Initially we processed Rutabagas for the North American Market. In the 1960's we aggressively acquired upwards of 3,000 acres of prime agricultural farm land in Huron County and expanded our product lines to our current menu.

In 2002 we successfully launched our largest undertaking, the construction of a 22 acre hydroponic greenhouse producing high quality bell peppers nine months of the year.

Exeter Produce has successfully passed Food Safety and Good Agricultural Practice Audits and remains committed to always providing high quality and safe produce to the market. Copies of the certificates can be downloaded from our documents section.

We have and will continue to invest in improving our technology and information systems with the objective of providing timely and accurate feedback on all aspects of our business.

We are a family business and we view our clients as valued members.