Reichel Foods Inc.

Reichel Foods Inc.

Reichel Foods, Inc. was created in 1997 after recognizing the need for an easy, quick snack alternative in today's grab and go world. Today, Reichel Foods has become the leader in its category by providing fresh, innovative, affordable products for families everywhere.

When the company began, Craig Reichel renovated the Reichel Foods manufacturing facility and purchased the equipment to make a meat and cheese snack combination. However, it wasn't until the team started to try and think of different ways to use the manufacturing equipment that they came up with the idea to package fruit and vegetables with a dip. This unique idea would further drive the company towards success. Founded on creative, sustainable and ethical practices, Reichel Foods continues to evolve as a company and be the innovative leader in the produce snack category.

"The Reichel Foods team strives for excellence in our industry. We encourage feedback from our customers and take the time to address their individual needs. I am proud of our accomplishments at Reichel Foods. We will continue to provide excellence for our customers and clients to ensure the growth of our industry for years to come." -Craig Reichel, President, Reichel Foods, Inc.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce innovative and convenient food products of the highest quality. We strive to become the employer of choice by fostering a positive work environment and developing employees to their greatest potential. Ultimately, we strive to become the business of choice by developing and maintaining valued and trusted relationships with our customers.