Side Delights

Side Delights

What is Side Delights?

Year after year, potatoes are the #1 favorite side dish in America. So you could say that they are the side dish that gives you the most delight….get it?

Side Delights are fresh, wholesome potatoes of the highest quality in a full-range of potato types and bag sizes

Grown Where It Matters

Available Types and Sizes

Russet, Idaho Russet, Red, Yellow, White

3 lb., 4 lb., 5 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb.

5 lb bags are available in either vertical or horizontal layouts

5 lb. White bag is available in either paper or poly

How to prepare

Preferred uses by potato type are:

Russet and Idaho Russet – baking, frying, mashing, roasted

Red – Roasting, mashing, salads, soups/stews

White – mashing, salads, steaming/boiling, frying

Yellow- grilling, roasting, mashing, salads

Spectacular recipes

We have collected the most outstanding recipes from across the United States for your use.

Start by selecting your desired potato type to find your new favorite potato recipe!