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Anne's 2019 PMA Foodservice Picks

Anne's 2019 PMA Foodservice Picks

MONTEREY, CA - I love to eat, so much so that I don’t really trust anybody who says they could live without food. I mean, what would be the point of living? At PMA Foodservice, I was surrounded by those in the industry who felt exactly the same way, meaning that I was surrounded by foodies trying to serve other foodies. A total paradise! Read on to see what eye-catching innovations had me stopping and staring in this food lover’s nirvana.

Naturipe Farms’ Blueberries - Thoroughly Washed Peel and Reseal Pack

Naturipe Farms’ Blueberries - Thoroughly Washed Peel and Reseal Pack

Blueberries are as hot of a produce item as they’ve ever been, showing up in both savory and sweet dishes. Naturipe is making it even easier for foodservice members to feature the tiny blue globes with its 18 oz peel and reseal package. The new easy-access features give foodservice providers a packaging alternative that not only protects fresh berries but reduces spills and potential waste. They’re washed and ready-to-use, so chefs can sprinkle them on to salads and parfaits—maybe they’ll make a blueberry reduction while they’re at it!

Limoneira - Pink Lemons

Limoneira Pink Lemons

I can imagine Ted Allen naming Limoneira’s gorgeous pink lemons as a Chopped basket ingredient, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before this millennial pink item hits the restaurant biz in a big way. Citrus is shining in the eyes of consumers—I love me a good lemon cake—and foodservice operators are taking note. These lemons are less acidic as they age, meaning they have a sweeter flavor profile than their bright yellow counterparts. I suspect a pink lemon cocktail may be in the works.

The Little Potato Company - Easy Sides

The Little Potato Company Easy Sides

Potatoes are one of America’s most beloved vegetables, and we best not forget it! Little Potato Company has taken the guesswork out of perfectly prepared potatoes with its Easy Sides. Infused with natural seasonings and cooked using the sous-vide technique, these spuds come out perfect every time. They’re ready-to-use from the package—all they need is to be heated on the flat top before making their way to the plate. That’s my idea of a tasty tater!

DelFrescoPure - Living Cube™ Microgreens

DelFrescoPure Living Cube™ Microgreens

Microgreens are a versatile food item that can add a little bit of whimsy—and a ton of nutrition—to a wide variety of dishes. Top pizza with microgreens, or make a microgreens salad; it seems that the options for these green beauties are endless. DelFrescoPure’s LivingCube™ microgreens are a small way you can add many health benefits to your food. It offers multiple varieties, so foodservice operators will never tire of the endless combinations!

JicaFoods - Jicama Tortillas

JicaFoods Jicama Tortillas

When I walked by this jicama tortilla, I couldn’t believe my eyes! A gluten-free tortilla option that doubles as a vegetable? Check and check. These ready-to-eat jicama tortillas are the perfect way to differentiate a taco at restaurants across the nation. Nutrient-dense and delicious, jicama is the superfood consumers never knew they needed.

Until next year, PMA Foodservice!

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