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Bee Sweet Citrus Expands Organic Citrus Line

Bee Sweet Citrus Expands Organic Citrus Line

FOWLER, CA - Organic citrus lovers rejoice—Jim Marderosian, President of Bee Sweet Citrus has announced a big expansion to the company’s organic citrus line.

Jim Marderosian, President, Bee Sweet Citrus

“As time progresses, more and more people are beginning to take a greater interest in their health and food choices,” Marderosian shared in a press release. “We want to make sure that we can provide all consumers various citrus commodities that fit their lifestyle.”

Bee Sweet Citrus Organic Citrus

Bee Sweet Citrus has already been providing its consumers organic lemons for around five years now, but the company will now be including organic Navel Oranges, grapefruit, and mandarins in its line. The company said in a press release that the hope here for the new organic varieties is to attract a new customer base.

Monique Bienvenue, Director of Communications, Bee Sweet Citrus

“From foodies to athletes, there are many people who much prefer organic citrus to conventional citrus,” explained Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to provide citrus to a new niche market.”

Bee Sweet Citrus Expands Organic Citrus Line

Organic Navel oranges and lemons are currently available at Bee Sweet Citrus, but retailers can expect organic mandarins to be available at beginning of January, and organic grapefruit to be available in spring.  

For more information regarding Bee Sweet’s organic line, the company advises calling a sales representative at (559)834-4200.

Bee Sweet Citrus

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