Chris Veillon Talks Shop with the Upcoming SEPC Southern Innovations Expo

Chris Veillon Talks Shop with the Upcoming SEPC Southern Innovations Expo

NASHVILLE, TN - It’s time to #flavorUP. This is the resounding message that arrived on my plate when I asked Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Office for Pure Flavor®, what the team’s vision is for SEPC’s Southern Innovations Organics and Foodservice Expo. With an innovative and colorful company like Pure Flavor, I am far from surprised and always intrigued.

Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Flavor®“Our campaigns this year have been straight to the point; the message of #flavorUP is to infuse fresh flavors into everything you eat,” Chris tells me, adding that as a vegetable grower that contributes to healthy lifestyles, Pure Flavor has been very successful this year in honing its message across key regions throughout the U.S. to further build its brand. “In doing so, we are increasing consumption across key segments and are experiencing a positive lift with all of our items.”

Pure Flavor’s Organic Aurora Mini Sweet Peppers will be available starting this fall

For the company, it is all about consistency, quality, year-round availability, and bringing a complete line of greenhouse vegetables—most importantly organics and foodservice items—to Southern Innovations and the buying crowd.

“Our company continues to increase its organic product offering year over year. This past spring, we launched Canadian-grown Organic TOV’s as well as Canadian-grown Organic. At Southern Innovations, Pure Flavor® will be launching Organic Sangria Medley Tomatoes. Bursting with a medley of flavors, colors, types, and sizes, these candy-like organic sweet-snacking tomatoes are great sprinkled over a summer salad,” Chris shares with me. “Much like a box of holiday chocolates, with every color and flavor you can think of, the Sangria Medley Tomato provides a unique eating experience. The product will be grown year-round and will be available starting this fall.”

Pure Flavor continues to increase its organic product offering year over year as this year's SEPC Southern Innovations Expo draws near

Pure Flavor’s Organic Aurora Mini Sweet Peppers will also be available starting this fall.

As a vertically-integrated greenhouse vegetable grower with facilities and a family of growers strategically located throughout Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, Pure Flavor has the ability to ship year-round to meet the increasing needs of retail and foodservice partners. Along with a number of foodservice focused items on top of organics, Pure Flavor is excited to be attending the show for the first time.

“With an interesting mix of both organics and foodservice, this will give us the opportunity to network with key accounts that are trying to grow their business,” Chris says. “Our investment in the Southeast has been a significant one with the construction of our new greenhouse complex in Fort Valley, Georgia. With Phase 1 complete, and about to start another growing season shortly, we continue to build awareness for regionally-grown product during periods of the year where product sometimes traveled significant miles to get to store shelves.”

Under the Georgia Grown brand, Pure Flavor has been able to deliver fresher product faster so that consumers can enjoy locally grown product including Tomatoes on The Vine, Luna Sweets Red Cocktail Tomatoes, Juno Bites Red Grape Tomatoes, and Sweet Red Cherry Tomatoes on The Vine.

Check out Southern Innovations booth #316 for the full spread in response to this Pure Flavor teaser. I hope everyone enjoys another great show by SEPC!

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