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Cindy Jewell Talks Holiday Berry Push and New Campaign

Cindy Jewell Talks Holiday Berry Push and New Campaign

WATSONVILLE, CA - Berries are one of those fresh produce destinations at retail that always seems to draw a crowd—no matter the time of year. With the holiday season ramping up, this segment continues to rise to the top of the consumer’s shopping basket with utility across savory and sweet dishes alike. California Giant Berry Farms is one of those year-round operations helping retailers discover fresh opportunities for sales growth and a more impactful holiday spread, and timing is just right to take advantage.

Cindy Jewell, Chair and VP of Marketing, California Giant Berry Farms“We are excited about the holidays and putting some finishing touches on a fun promotion that we hope our consumer followers will enjoy. We are calling it Home for the Holidays in order to truly grasp the sentiment that many share around this time of the year,” Cindy Jewell, Vice President of Marketing, shares with me.“The promotion is all about enjoying our season, and baking new memories with the family, using the kitchen to set the tone with great cooking, baking, and wonderful smells. We will be awarding weekly prizes for five weeks that will inspire folks to create holiday treats in their kitchens—or they can always re-gift! The promotion will launch right after Thanksgiving, so move over turkey, and make way for California Giant berries, the real holiday ingredient of the season.”

Through its year-round berry programs, California Giant Berry Farms continues to help retailers discover fresh opportunities for sales growth

For retailers, California Giant brings a consistent and quality supply of berries the entire year-round, allowing fresh produce departments to execute holiday promotions knowing the operation has holiday fruit to support them.

“Being an international company, we have the privilege to draw year-round volume so consumers can enjoy fresh berries for the holidays. We are shipping strawberries and raspberries from Mexico and blueberries from South America and also expect to have promotable volume from now well into spring from those regions,” Cindy says.

As the holiday season ramps up, the berry segment continues to rise to the top of consumers’ shopping baskets

California Giant also has blackberries from Mexico with volume ramping up in a few weeks. The company expects to begin harvesting strawberries in Florida by the first week in December and in Oxnard, California, by Christmas. This strawberry volume coming on helps to transition the crop into spring as California Giant’s Central Coast crop slowly comes to a close.

"Typically, at this time of year, we are done harvesting in this region but mild weather has made it possible for our farmers to harvest well into November and provide fresh fruit for Thanksgiving tables,” Cindy expresses with excitement.

And an exciting time of year it is for retailers and consumers alike! Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we bring you more on suppliers creating opportunities for a more valuable and quality holiday push!

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