Crime Ring Uses Mangos as Cover for Robbery

Crime Ring Uses Mangos as Cover for Robbery

INDIA – Another day, another ring busted; this time, with an unconventional focus on fresh fruit. Rather than using mangos to house their forbidden goods as we’ve seen before, these crafty crime lords used the fruits to routinely pilfer nearby gold and jewelry stores.

The Thane Police Crime Branch in Mumbai, according to news source, recently arrested 15 people for setting up functioning mango shops as a front in order to rob these shops of their goods. The groups would allegedly set up and open shop, then look to rob nearby gold finance companies and jewelry stores.

Param Bir Singh, Police Commissioner, Thane“The accused are part of a gang of around 50 people operating across the country. Not all of them know each other, but their bosses are known to each other and work in coordination. The accused were planning to rob the Muthoot Gold Finance company in Thane, and the Arihant Jewellers in Mira Road, and places in Uttarakhand,” said Thane Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh.

After setting up shop, the thieves would case the targets they wished to relieve of their treasured goods, all from behind the safety of well-seeming mangos. The criminals would observe details of the shops, like its security arrangements and when the best time to make their move would be.

Mango Stand

“Another tactic was to convince the security guards at these establishments to go on a long leave and offer to fill in as their temporary replacements, gaining easy access. Once the burglaries were committed, the accused would split up, making it difficult to apprehend them,” Mr. Singh said.

Authorities were tipped off to the ring after receiving information about their plans. Raids were made in three different places at the same time. This particular gang, though part of a larger syndicate, reportedly relieved the Manappuram Finance Company, State Bank of India, and a Thane jewelry store of their wares last year. Authorities also noted that a similar group operated in Mumbai two years ago.

At the end of this sordid tale, mangos have prevailed unbesmirched; but what sticky situation might they find themselves in next? AndNowUknow will report as the pristine name of produce is upheld.


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