Del Monte Fresh & Gnack Aim to Break World Record

Del Monte Fresh & Gnack Aim to Break World Record

CORAL GABLES, FL – Del Monte Fresh Produce and ad tech startup, Gnack, are teaming up to break the world record for “Most People Dressed As Fruit” on March 13th.

Approximately 850 people donned in banana costumes are expected to party throughout the day at The Belmont in Austin, Texas during “The World Record Breaking Banana Bash.”

Del Monte Fresh Produce

After seeing previous success with its banana costume Halloween campaigns, Del Monte Fresh wanted to continue finding fun and unique ways to connect with its millennial audience. According to a press release, fans on Facebook have already embraced the idea, with some users posting, “What’s better than being a banana?” and, “When I was younger I wanted to break a world record. Now I can, with my fellow banana costumed friends.”

Dennis Christou, Vice President of Marketing, Del Monte Fresh Produce“Consumers love dressing up as bananas. Using that excitement to break the world record is a great opportunity for Del Monte Fresh and our friends at Gnack to generate buzz and benefit from the viral power of social media,” Dennis Christou, Del Monte Fresh’s Vice President of Marketing, said in a press release.

As Christou explained, the event went viral shortly after its announcement on Facebook.

Dean Thomas, CMO, Gnack“It was just a funny idea at first, then about 48 hours after we created the Facebook event we had over 100,000 organic impressions all unpaid,” said Dean Thomas, CMO at Gnack. “The public spoke and we really got serious about the planning. People began to post about and share the event so much that we sold out of early bird tickets in just a few days.”

With that said, there’s a good chance Del Monte Fresh and Gnack are in the running to far exceed the current world record - which stands at 629 people – held by international DJs/Producers, Dada Life.

If you’re interested in joining the fun in Austin, Texas, click here to buy tickets. Tickets include entrance to the party and a banana costume that participants can keep as a souvenir.

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