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DMA Solutions Answers the Four Most Common Public Relations Questions

DMA Solutions Answers the Four Most Common Public Relations Questions

IRVING, TX – Knowing about the power of public relations may seem like Marketing 101, but you would be surprised to find that one of the most frequently asked questions still is, “What can PR really do for me?”

Beth Atkinson, PR Manager, DMA SolutionsDMA Solutions’ PR Manager Beth Atkinson recently wrote a compelling blog post on “4 Common Public Relations Questions & Answers,” helping fresh produce brands understand how PR can keep your brand relevant and on everyone’s minds.

The post answers the following questions:

  • What is PR?
  • Why do we need PR?
  • Does PR drive Marketing, or does Marketing drive PR?
  • How can we effectively measure PR?

To read the full post from DMA Solutions, click the green button below or continue reading for a brief summary.

4 Common Public Relations Questions & Answers

DMA Solutions

Put simply, Atkinson describes PR in the fresh produce industry as “forming relationships with key media influencers to increase awareness about the industry and drive content that supports the need for increased demand of fresh fruits and vegetables.” But the concept is a bit more complicated than that, as you’ll quickly see in the post.

Good PR should go beyond simply promoting new products or publicizing recalls or lawsuits. Instead, DMA Solutions says that a company’s PR efforts should tell stories about the farmers or “any philanthropic outreach by the brand, ways that the brand helps its consumers through content, produce in food service, food trends, and why we’re a key player,” and so on.

By utilizing these good PR practices to drive marketing and vice-versa, you will find that PR can be an effective tool to increase awareness, and subsequently, sales.

To find out more, be sure to check out this latest post from DMA Solutions.

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