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Eric Proffitt Talks Grimmway Portfolio and 50th-Anniversary Celebration

Eric Proffitt Talks Grimmway Portfolio and 50th-Anniversary Celebration

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Time flies in an industry where 50 years can be a lifetime or it can be the blink of an eye. For Grimmway farms, five decades are a testament to legacy, relationships, and a strong vision of stewardship for the land. What better way to celebrate a milestone occasion than at PMA Fresh Summit 2019?

Eric Proffitt, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Grimmway Farms“Being able to take our 50th-anniversary celebration on the road to PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim this month allows us to honor and acknowledge the customers and partners who have been integral to Grimmway’s success,” Eric Proffitt, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing shares with me. “2019 presents a unique opportunity to connect our customers with our history and company values. We’re looking forward to hosting a 50th Anniversary Celebration in the historic Anaheim packing district on Thursday and unveiling the booth during the expo.”

For a company rich in both history and vision, you can expect Fresh Summit excellence in all the efforts that Grimmway will share as we move through October—including an updated PMA Fresh Summit booth to tell the story of how Rod and Bob Grimm built a business that continues to lead the industry in innovation and service through a strong investment in farming, engineering, and year-round distribution.

Grimmway Farms celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and will tell the story of how Rod and Bob Grimm started the company at PMA Fresh Summit

“Location is key this year as we are taking the opportunity to bring our customers to our local farmland in the Southern San Joaquin Valley to learn more about the practices that set Grimmway and Cal-Organic apart,” Eric tells me. “Our farming-first approach has helped us build a reputation for premium quality. We’re looking forward to showing more of our customers how we differentiate our process starting at the farm level.”

A special year it is indeed. Several members of the Grimm family will be attending the show and Grimmway’s leadership team is looking forward to thanking its committed friends and partners at the company’s 50th Anniversary Celebration during PMA.

Grimmway's farming-first approach has helped build a reputation for premium quality over its 50-year history

“Every year PMA Fresh Summit is one of the few opportunities we have to engage with all of our customers at once,” Eric reflects. “The ability to interface and reconnect together in one place empowers us to collaborate and conduct meaningful conversations at this impactful event.”

The PMA Fresh Summit energy is already contagious! Check out booth #2885 to visit with some of the industry’s most impactful leaders and we will see you all in Anaheim!

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