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Fresh Solutions Network Unveils Winter Marketing Strategies for Side Delights®

Fresh Solutions Network Unveils Winter Marketing Strategies for Side Delights®

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Winter is coming, and with it, big opportunities for boosting fresh potato sales. In the spirit of the season, Fresh Solutions Network is unveiling new winter promotions for Side Delights®, designed to inspire shoppers to purchase potato side dishes with innovative holiday serving ideas.

Kathleen Triou, President & CEO, Fresh Solutions Network

“Approximately 240 million pounds of potatoes are consumed during Christmas, with potatoes (mashed with gravy) being in the top 15 foods,” explained Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network, siting 2013 Pew Research data. “Our winter promotions will continue the momentum through the holiday and the new year when shoppers are seeking easy preparation, warm comfort food, and a delicious potato side dish.”

This three-month winter promotion for Side Delights® uses QR Codes to take shoppers to new recipes, as well as wooing them with visually appetizing merchandisers and point-of-purchase signs that demonstrate the convenience and appeal of tasty potato side dishes.

According to a press release, a few of the new promotions are as follows:


This month’s merchandisers and coordinating point-of-purchase signs focus on providing consumers with the gift of savory potatoes. The “Some Gifts Are On The Table, Not Under The Tree” promotion, uses themed, in-store visuals to celebrate good cheer and good food.


This “New Year = No More Boring Dinners” promotion is designed to appeal to shoppers with New Year resolutions on their minds. Fresh Solutions Network will offer creative tips on how to incorporate potatoes in consumers’ resolutions, from everything to losing weight, getting organized, and spending less/saving more. 


Goat Cheese and Chive Potato Stacker

For this amorous month, the “Table for 2. Make It Together” promotion will encourage shoppers to prepare potato side dishes together on Valentine’s Day and beyond. The company stated that the quick and easy “Goat Cheese and Chive Potato Stacker” recipe (delivered via QR Code) will create a reason to stay in for the evening, and leave time for enjoying it.

Will this winter season be the most potato-filled yet? Keep following AndNowUKnow as we continue following the season’s hottest eating trends.

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