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Fresh Solutons Network's Side Delights Gourmet Petites Brand Announces New Offerings: Sweet Fingerlings and Choice Russets

Fresh Solutons Network's Side Delights Gourmet Petites Brand Announces New Offerings: Sweet Fingerlings and Choice Russets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Small potatoes are bigger than ever! At least Fresh Solutions thinks so. The company’s Side Delights Gourmet Petites have been a notable part of the growing petite potato category ever since they won the coveted PMA Impact Award for Excellence in Packaging in 2014.

New Petite Potatoes

In response to growing consumer demand and widespread retailer requests, the Side Delights Gourmet Petites line has announced two new offerings, Sweet Fingerlings and Choice Russets. Sweet Fingerlings are baby sweet potatoes with moist orange flesh and thin, tender skin that eliminates the need to peel. Choice Russet petite potatoes have a delicate potato flavor with a firm texture and thin brown skin that brings a rustic elegance to any meal, also without the need to peel. 

Kathleen Triou, President and CEO, Fresh Solutions Network“But we didn’t stop there!” said Kathleen Triou, President and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “From research done by the United States Potato Board, we know that Petite potatoes have a higher incidence of unplanned purchases than any other form of potato.  So we created a powerful merchandising tool for our Gourmet Petites line that our retail customers can use in driving incremental potato sales.” 

Gourmet Petite MerchandiserThe new eye-catching new shipper display holds 18 packages of Side Delights Gourmet Petites, yet needs only 3.3 square feet of selling space to generate hundreds of dollars in fresh potato sales. The merchandiser is made with UV-coated, high-end Kemi-Lite board for durability, water resistance and stability, and is shipped pre-packed with two dozen Gourmet Petite packages in any assortment of varieties that the retailer chooses.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our expanded lineup of varieties, package options and merchandising support,” added Triou. “Side Delights Gourmet Petite potatoes have been an astounding sales success since day one, but now we can really bring a full arsenal of business-building offerings to our retail customers.  We’ve got the most product options in the fastest-growing segment of the fresh potato category of any fresh potato shipper, so we’re ready for a real rocket ride!”

Side Delights

As well as the new varieties and new shipper, Side Delights Gourmet Petites will now have four new packaging options to pick from. All eight varieties of Gourmet Petites will be available packed in lay-down mesh pillow packs in both 1.5lb and 3lb sizes, as well as in mesh bags with sophisticated “wine labels”, also in 1.5lb and 3lb sizes. This array of varieties and packaging choices allow retailers to stock the Side Delight Gourmet Petite items that best align with their store’s merchandising needs as well as create the greatest interest with their shoppers.

Fresh Solutions Network Side Delights

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