Freska Produce's Tom Hall Discusses the Mango Market

Freska Produce's Tom Hall Discusses the Mango Market

OXNARD, CA - Coming off a challenging season, the mango market could balance out in the coming weeks but continue to offer promotional volumes for consumption, according to Freska Produce.

“As Mexico finishes up in the next couple of weeks, we could possibly see the market stabilize slightly as we finish the month,” Sales Manager Tom Hall tells me. He adds, however, that Ecuador is already getting its own shipping season underway, so he does not expect a significant change overall as both Mexico and Brazil have seen double last year’s volumes.

“The season has been challenging,” he shares, explaining that Mother Nature has given growers an uphill battle. “From gaps early in the season to historic levels on volumes from Mexico, the pressure to move the volumes with the competitive forces this year have been daunting.”

Growers continue to be resilient, however, and with large Keitt’s finishing up in Mexico, Tom says a window of promotion is coming.

“We are finishing up the Mexican season with large Keitt’s and have a small window to promote those, and with Brazil in full swing and Ecuador on the horizon, there should be ample opportunities to promote in the foreseeable future,” Tom tells me.

So gear up those mango stands and cross promotional opportunities, from football mango salsas to snacks, which can be found here, and keep checking in with AndNowUKnow for all the latest fluctuations in this and other fresh produce markets.

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