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Fyffes Inspires Marathon Runners to #FuelWithFyffes

Fyffes Inspires Marathon Runners to #FuelWithFyffes

CORAL GABLES, FL - Running a marathon is no easy task. The completion of the 26.2-mile journey is usually rewarded with copious amounts of electrolytes, a nice frosty pint, or in the marines' case, bananas. Fyffes joined the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) for the seventh consecutive year and passed out bananas to the marathoners on October 27. The banana company has fueled runners with over 200,000 bananas over the course of its long-standing partnership with the MCM since 2012 as part of its #FuelWithFyffes campaign.

Marion Tabard, VP of Marketing, Fyffes North America“Fuel with Fyffes represents a driving force that fuels and motivates runners as they prepare both physically and mentally to complete their 26.2 mile-long race,” said Marion Tabard, Vice President of Marketing for Fyffes in North America. “After crossing the finish line, the runners fuel with Fyffes again and replenish their bodies with the Fyffes bananas that are given out by the Marines.”

Fyffes has fueled runners with over 200,000 bananas for the past seven years

The company was also conscientious; Fyffes collected all banana peels for compost, an initiative Fyffes started in 2014. According to a press release, the banana peels and compostable materials collected from the MCM grounds are donated to the Veteran’s Compost program. As in previous years, bright yellow Fyffes composting bins were placed throughout the Finish Line area, creating a sustainable solution to reducing waste at the event. The banana peels are then handled by Arlington County Waste Management and processed into high-quality organic compost that provides critical micronutrients to soil throughout the DC community.

“Over the years, the composting initiative has become one of the largest composting programs at a single event. We are proud of the impact of this continued partnership as it aligns strongly with our core values and on-going commitment to sustainable practices,” continued Tabard.

The banana peels and compostable materials collected from the MCM grounds are donated to the Veteran’s Compost program

Due to the efforts and partnership with Fyffes for the composting program, the MCM has been recognized as a gold-certified event, the highest level awarded by the Council for Responsible Sport, for being socially and environmentally responsible as a world-class running event.

Rick Nealis, Director, Marine Corps Marathon“It’s a great partnership that brings social media energy before the event and composting efforts to benefit the environment after the run,” said Marine Corps Marathon Director Rick Nealis.

With programs for sustainability being more recognized in not just the produce industry but everywhere, how will other companies meet expectations? AndNowUKnow will keep you updated.

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