Gabriela D'Arrigo Discusses the Importance of Marketing in Wholesale

Gabriela D'Arrigo Discusses the Importance of Marketing in Wholesale

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BRONX, NY - As the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for D’Arrigo New York, Gabriela D’Arrigo is on a mission to change how the produce industry views the wholesale segment, and she’s utilizing something she knows best: marketing. In a recent internally released interview, the leader discussed the importance of marketing in the sector and how it can change people’s perception of wholesale while benefitting its customers.

Gabriela D’Arrigo, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, D’Arrigo New York
Gabriela D’Arrigo, Vice President of Communications and Marketing, D’Arrigo New York

“Wholesale is sort of the ‘dark underbelly’ of the business that doesn't get talked about enough. We tend to be viewed as a necessary outlet for most of the major players in the produce industry but not the top choice. We need to market ourselves as not only a necessary outlet, but as trusted partners that can expand one's business in a region,” D’Arrigo said in an interview that AndNowUKnow received in our inboxes. “We are the key middle-men who can reach end users who wouldn't otherwise be reached—and offer additional services that are beneficial to our suppliers and customers.”

As D’Arrigo New York explores ways to reach end users, some of its most effective methods emerged. These include ad sales and POS materials, strategic social media campaigns, hosting networking events, donations, facility tours, and more. According to D’Arrigo, some of the least effective methods have been participating in events with unclear messaging and sponsorships or donations where there has not been any visibility.

Gabriela D'Arrigo of D'Arrigo New York comments on how marketing can be used to tell the story and message of the wholesale segment

Throughout this process, D’Arrigo New York remains committed to helping all of its suppliers, including local growers. The wholesaler providers POS materials and strategies to help them market their products, as many of the smaller growers do not have their own internal marketing team.

Another great tool that D’Arrigo mentions is LinkedIn, which has proven fruitful for the company and its goals.

D'Arrigo New York and its trusted partners understand the importance of effective communication in changing people's perceptions of wholesale

“LinkedIn has been great in getting relevant company and wholesale information out to the rest of the industry and other professions,” D’Arrigo adds. “We are able to instantaneously share impactful information with other companies and professionals. It has also been a new avenue for us to source talent for our company.”

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