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Hapco Farms' Raquel Mello Says Domestic Watermelon Season Looks Strong

Hapco Farms' Raquel Mello Says Domestic Watermelon Season Looks Strong

RIVERHEAD, NY - May is here, and with it Hapco Farms' watermelon season. With the company shipping its watermelons from South Florida, and production ramping up in May out of Central and Northern Florida, the company’s season is about to be ripe with both quality and volume.

Raquel Mello, Sales, Hapco Farms“Our domestic melon program will run from late April through Labor Day, and we anticipate a good crop with plenty of watermelon for the summer months,” explains Raquel Mello, Sales at Hapco Farms. Raquel adds that thanks to Hapco’s relationships with its grower partners, the company is able to ship its domestic watermelons this entire period without any gaps or shortages.


For over 25 years, Hapco Farms has been shipping watermelon, distributing both seeded and seedless varieties throughout the East Coast. Now providing retailers with over 5,000,000 watermelons per year, the company is also a great source for point-of-sales materials, Raquel adds.

“For retailers, we offer private label graphic bins that can hold 700 pounds of watermelon. These bins make Hapco a turnkey for retailers,” she adds. “Because we’ve being shipping our watermelons for over two decades, Hapco has an expertise that we can pass on to our customers.”


Want to learn more about Hapco’s massive Florida watermelon programs? Visit www.Hapcofarms.com for details, or email Raquel [email protected] for all your pricing needs. And as always, keep following AndNowUKnow for the latest updates on the burgeoning summer melon season.


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