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Jeff Simonian of Simonian Fruit and Gene Harris of Denny's Win Tanimura and Antle's PlantTape® Quiz Quix

Jeff Simonian of Simonian Fruit and Gene Harris of Denny's Win Tanimura and Antle's PlantTape® Quiz Quix

SACRAMENTO, CA - Agricultural gurus were put to the test with last week’s Tanimura and Antle PlantTape® Quiz Quix, as the entire supply chain raced to be the fastest and the best. We offer two top prizes, one to the fastest overall winner and one for the top buy-side contestant.

The competition was hot in this round of Quiz Quix, with contenders like Dan Tukendorf of the Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers' Association, Mark Munger of 4Earth Farms, Mark Colvin of Save Mart Supermarkets, and Jim Bower of Sobey's heating up the scoreboard.

Jeff Simonian, Sales Manager, Simonian FruitAfter reading the quick prompt, contenders raced through the seven comprehension questions for the most correct answers in the least amount of time for the chance at a $100 prize. In this edition of Quiz Quix, the contender who took home the top overall score was Jeff Simonian, Sales Manager for Simonian Fruit. 

“Hopefully my boss doesn’t see this…[that's] my sister,” Jeff mentioned about his big win.

Gene Harris, Senior Purchasing Manager, Denny'sLeading up the buy-side was, Senior Purchasing Manager, Gene Harris, of Denny’s who is taking home $100, who had this to say about his win, "I was very interested in this week's topic as I think PlantTape is a great invention and development in many ways; efficiency, reduced labor, and improved yields! Thanks for the information and opportunity!"

Congratulations to both winners!

See who else rocked the competition on the leaderboard, below.

Which question proved to be the most challenging?

Most Missed Question:

At what stage can PlantTape seedlings be planted?


Nearly any stage of maturity

In case you missed it, you can try your skills and compare your scores with our winners here.

Test Your PlantTape Knowledge

And to compete in Quiz Quix events to come, just sign in either via email or one of several social media accounts, and you’ll be all ready to jump into the competition for $100 cash!

Quiz Quix is our way of encouraging some healthy, fun, informative competition within the industry. Signing in will give us a token to verify you and allows us to put your name in the ranking. It doesn't give us access to more than your name and email address. Participants must have a valid email address registered in their individual name in order to play.

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