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Jessica's Picks for PMA Fresh Summit 2015 Products that Stood Out on the Show Floor

Jessica's Picks for PMA Fresh Summit 2015 Products that Stood Out on the Show Floor

ATLANTA, GA - Maybe you were one of the few who didn’t make it out to PMA’s Fresh Summit this year, or maybe you were just overwhelmed by the what seemed like thousands of aisles—either way, I'm here to give you some insight on some of the products that stood out to me and had me thinking even after the show floor. With this being the convention that company’s bring out their best and brightest new products, here are some I think you definitely shouldn’t miss:

Mastronardi Produce - SUNSET® Minzano™

SUNSET's Minzano

SUNSET's Minzanos were definitely one of the most beautiful tomato products shown on the floor this weekend. This mini San Marzano-type tomato is greenhouse grown and vine ripened for a powerful burst of Tuscan flavor. The product was a petite item that would work perfectly for bringing a splash of red to the salad plate, for consumers to munch on out of the convenient resealable pouch bag, or hopefully, you got a chance to try some of Chef Roger Mooking’s delicious recipes that featured the product on the floor.

Shanley Farms - Citron Caviar

Shanley's Citron Caviar

The interior of these Citriburst Finger Limes can best be described as citrus pearls, or citrus caviar. Shanley Farms debuted the item in a new presentation at Fresh Summit this year, showing off the limes’ caviar-like qualities in a jar not unlike its upscale counterpart. The flavor is similar to that of a lemon-lime-grapefruit combo, the juice bursts from the citrus pearls when bitten into. If you didn’t get a chance to try these, they are worth seeking out for sure.

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company - Natalie's Fresh Tomato Juice

Natalie's Fresh Tomato JuiceNatalie's Orchid Island Juice Company debuted a new addition to the company’s juice line at this years’ convention— Natalie's Fresh Tomato Juice. Locally sourced from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, these unique juices only use two ingredients—fresh tomatoes and lemon juice. These juices are capitalizing on the trends millennials are seeking, including having no preservatives, no “hidden” ingredients, being Non-GMO, and gluten free. This was definitely one of the pasteurized juices we sought out during the show, and I’m happy to report it did not disappoint. 

Mann Packing - Culinary Cuts®

Winner of a 2015 PMA Impact Award for Excellence in Packaging, Mann’s Culinary Cuts® feature fresh cut vegetables cut into distinctive shapes including Sweet Potato Ribbons and Butternut Squash Zig Zags. Before I even came to the show, my grandmother formally requested I made sure to check them out in person, as she read about them on AndNowUKnow and wanted me to get even more details. Each package contains four to five, 1-cup servings, detailed cooking instructions, and three unique recipes and usage ideas. Congrats on the award to the whole Mann Packing team!

Evolution Fresh - Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices

Evolution Fresh's Cold Pressed Juices 

As a person who is always looking to get my veggie intake on-the-go, Evolution Fresh’s Cold Pressed Juices are a frequent staple of my diet. Introduced by Starbucks, the company is now expanding its line of popular juices to include new protein smoothie blends and a new Organic Green Lemonade flavor. You better believe that with the added protein and delicious flavors, these new additions will be making it into my weekly pressed juice rotation.

North Shore Living Herbs - N.S. Living Herbs®

One stand out in the herb category was North Shore Living Herbs® rolling out new varieties a its booth, with the eye-catching promise that retailers love their longer shelf-life, as well as using less waste and offering high quality. The clamshell presentation gives a window to the "living herbs," which look freshly picked. This not only gave me the feeling of using fresh ingredients, but also the idea of adding a gourmet touch while cooking in the kitchen. This was definitely a lively addition to the herb category while browsing the rows of PMA Fresh Summit.

Ippolito Produce - Value Added Brussels Sprout Pouches  

Ippolito Products

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Brussels Sprouts fiend, and one of my favorite new products featuring one of my favorite veggies was Ippolito’s new value-added line. Under the company’s Queen Victoria label, the company introduced a 1 lb. Microwaveable Pouch that you can cook in the bag, a 1 lb. Gourmet Microwaveable Pouch that comes trimmed and cut, 1 lb. Petite Microwaveable Pouch that features smaller sizes, and a 12 oz. Shredded Microwaveable Pouch that is perfect for warm salads. I’m always on the lookout for something I can cook quickly in the microwave, so this is a product I had to check out first hand.

This show was actually the first PMA Fresh Summit I had the honor to attend, and it absolutely did not disappoint. Thank you to all the companies I had the chance to visit for the hospitality and all the great innovations to the industry!

Stay tuned for our other writers' favorite picks coming soon! 

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