Justin Timberlake Uses Supermarket to Dance It Out for Set of New Video

Justin Timberlake Uses Supermarket to Dance It Out for Set of New Video

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Groove-savvy Justin Timberlake is at it again, this time with a new music video that fans of both feet-tapping pop music and fresh produce alike will appreciate. 

Can’t Stop the Feeling is an original theme song for the upcoming DreamWorks musical comedy, Trolls. The video places Timberlake in a setting which we are all familiar with, both professionally and personally; a supermarket

Though the song begins with slow, finger-snapping grooves, Timberlake is soon shown wheeling a fruit and vegetable laden cart through a supermarket aisle, in tempo to the catchy upbeat mood of the song. 

Timberlake uses the supermarket setting to highlight the swelling hooks of the chorus as he rides a cart at whirlwind speeds through the produce aisles and store, capitalizing on a fantasy that we’ve all possessed at least once or twice since leaving our childhoods behind.

In a continued supermarket state-of-mind, the video frequently cuts to a jiving supermarket associate, Glen, who emphasizes his beat-possessed persona with his price-gun sidekick. The produce aisles really pop against Timberlake’s all-white ensemble, allowing the viewer to revel in the colors of pineapples, tomatoes, and bell peppers. 

Check out Justin Timberlake's smooth moves for yourself here, because none of us are really immune to a banana microphone.