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LIV Organic™ Produce's Anthony Innocenti Discusses Easter Demand for Citrus, Onions, Potatoes, and Hard Squash

LIV Organic™ Produce's Anthony Innocenti Discusses Easter Demand for Citrus, Onions, Potatoes, and Hard Squash

OCEANSIDE, CA - For a while as a young child, I dropped the “s” in Easter and thought it was the “Eater holiday.” After speaking to Anthony Innocenti, my speech impediment sounds more prophetic than embarrassing.

Anthony Innocenti, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, LIV Organic™ Produce“Easter fits our strengths perfectly—it is a high-demand and family-eats-together holiday and well-timed with our core categories,” LIV Organic™ Produce’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner tells me. “We see a natural lift in demand around citrus, onions, all potatoes, and hard squash, both organic and conventional.”

Organic seedless Mandarins, specifically, are a point of immense pride for the grower at this point in the year due to the differentiation it has carved out for itself for quality in the space.

As consumer demand ramps up ahead of the Easter holiday, LIV Organic Produce's organic seedless Mandarins are serving as a key differentiator for the supplier

“Our organic seedless Mandarin flavor offers a significant point of differentiation for our retail partners. Right now, we are in the peak of the season, which will lead right up to Easter. We are seeing good demand lifting the category, and have been hearing excellent feedback from our retail partners on quality and flavor,” Anthony says.

Meanwhile, Easter marks the kickoff of organic and conventional sweet potatoes.

“Depending on how you look at it, Easter is the start or end of the cycle of especially big sweet potato eating days, the others being Thanksgiving and Christmas. Likewise, Russets, reds, and yellow potatoes are in high demand but usually see some tightening as new crops come to fruition. We are able to fulfill all our retail commitments and keep our partners ready for that demand where traditionally there might be a gap,” Anthony assures.

The supplier is also optimizing Easter demand with its robust portfolio of potatoes and onions

Similarly, Anthony points out that this is traditionally a challenging time to get onions to market while consumer demand climbs. Despite this, LIV Organic is confident it will have red, white, and yellow sweet onions.

We do not gap on onions, this is a program that remains strong throughout the year, both in bulk and value-added bags. We have successfully strategized this time frame to complement our complete year-round organic onion program,” he shares.

And with all the traditional dishes as well as the vegetarian-friendly family offerings that are rising in popularity, so is hard squash.

Hard squash is also seeing a rise in popularity, and LIV Organic Produce will be supporting retail displays by shipping Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, Kabocha, and Spaghetti throughout the year

“This is a category that has really turned into a staple in the produce department and is no longer sought after seasonally,” Anthony tells me. “We continue to ship Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, Kabocha, and Spaghetti throughout the year, and it has really turned into a consistent need on everyone’s retail shelves, especially in organic.”

With a true cornucopia ready for the coming holiday, LIV Organic is keyed in and ready for the approaching Ea(s)ter demand.

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