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Mango Tray Sells for $22,000 in Brisbane, Australia

Mango Tray Sells for $22,000 in Brisbane, Australia

BRISBANE, AUS -  Would you pay over $20,000 for a taste of the first mango crop of the season? George Manettas, Owner and Operator of Australian retailer Earth Markets, has won the coveted first mango tray of the season in an annual bid for charity.

Manettas drove up the bid quite a bit from its relatively modest $10,000 starting price, landing on a $22,000 price tag for just under 20 individual mangos. According to an article by ABC News Australia, the annual auction raises much needed funds for charity, with this year’s earnings being dedicated to Diabetes Queensland and Life Education Queensland. Both charities reported that the money would be “put to good use,” making a big difference to those in need.

George Manettas, Owner, Earth Markets (Photo Credit: Gold Coast Bulletin)

"It was a bargain, definitely. Was expecting it to go a lot higher," Manettas told the source.

This annual charity event serves as a symbolic start to Australia’s mango season, with 2016’s 16 fruit tray arriving from Berry Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Apparently, winning the Brisbane Produce Market auction makes Manettas the official Mango King of the prestigious produce bazaar. And while $22,000 is hardly the biggest amount the market has seen for its annual mango tray auction (the highest was about $70,000), it's still a number that has AndNowUKnow’s staff gawking.

The first mango tray of the season. Photo via Gold Coast Bulletin.

Australian Mango Industry Association Chairman, Greg McMahon, commented on the event, stating it was a time of year he always gets excited about. "It brings the smell of summer to the world and we love delivering on the promise that mangos bring for people," he said.

As Queensland Australia’s mango season will continue though February and March of 2017, AndNowUKnow will keep our eyes on the pricey crop. Stay tuned for all the glamorous details.