Mango Truck Rolls off Australia's Bruce Highway

Mango Truck Rolls off Australia's Bruce Highway

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA – A semi-truck carrying mangos across northeast Australia toppled and rolled this past Tuesday, December 27, delaying holiday traffic and alarming fruit lovers and fellow travelers.

The truck was traveling along a stretch of the country's Bruce Highway between Gympie and Sunshine Coast when it overturned and careened onto the shoulder of the road.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred near the intersection of Wilcox Road at 3:45pm local time on December 27, according to local news source The Gympie Times. Authorities were not forthcoming about the cause of the incident, which occurred in broad daylight.

Photo Credit: Scott Kovacevic

The truck’s driver, a man in his fifties, was taken to Nambour Hospital in nearby Nambour. The driver was received in stable condition but with suspected shoulder injuries, according to a Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson.

The incident and subsequent cleanup delayed holiday traffic; though the Bruce Highway remained open, southbound delays persisted through the afternoon.

Thankfully, the truck’s precious cargo did not spill into the road, but the fate of the jangled fruit remains unclear. Can the blushing mangos be salvaged with mere bumps and bruises? 

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