Monterey Mushrooms Promotes Sandy Malouff-Quintana to Sales Manager; Looks Toward PMA Foodservice

Monterey Mushrooms Promotes Sandy Malouff-Quintana to Sales Manager; Looks Toward PMA Foodservice

WATSONVILLE, CA - The countdown to PMA Foodservice 2016 is on, and as the excitement grows around this annual event, Monterey Mushrooms is announcing some new changes to its internal sales and marketing team.

Veteran Sales Manager Sandy Malouff-Quintana has been promoted to a newly created Sales Manager position, in which she will oversee national foodservice accounts at Monterey Mushrooms. Sandy has been selling mushrooms for most of her life and will now be tasked with leading Monterey's efforts in meeting the needs of the company’s foodservice customers and aligning its businesses to increase mushroom consumption. With a focus on building relationships and developing value-added products and packaging, she is eager to learn about what Monterey can do to be a better partner.

Sandy Malouff-Quintana, Sales Manager, Monterey Mushrooms"I am pleased to have the opportunity to work alongside all food service operators in an effort to grow fresh mushroom sales,” Sandy tells us. “My intention is to create new and innovative promotional approaches as a means to increase total case sales."

Monterey Mushrooms is also continuing with its commitment to help increase mushroom consumption through marketing campaigns centered around nutrition and easy recipe ideas, by actively promoting a summer grilling campaign to keep mushrooms top-of-mind during the summer months. In the fall, the company will help promote mushrooms through unique, and common, pairing ideas.

Mike O'Brien, President of Sales and Marketing, Monterey Mushrooms

“To help meet our customers’ needs during the busiest time of the year for mushrooms- Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays - we’re increasing the square footage at our facility in San Miguel,” Mike O'Brien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, tells me. “Our San Miguel team, located in central Mexico, consists of more than 600 members with one common goal: providing consistent quality & supply to our customers.”

Monterey Mushroom's San Miguel Facility

Over the last few years, Monterey Mushrooms has invested significant capital in people, training, technology and capacity expansion, making San Miguel as one of the most advanced facilities in North America. The company’s supply capabilities include multiple days a week in Whites, Browns, Oysters, for bulk or prepack.

Monterey Mushrooms' Mushroom Porter

Mushrooms are definitely one of my favorite produce items. I’ll take them chopped and added into the ingredients of a hamburger patty, sliced into an omelet, sautéed over a nice rib eye, or featured as a main ingredient in a rich porter. Yes, you heard me… And with PMA Foodservice just around the corner, I recommend you mark Monterey Mushrooms booth #425 on your list of stops, because the team will be featuring a company-made Portabella Porter to whet your palate!

See you all next weekend in beautiful Monterey, California!

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