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New Year's Reflections: Rewinding the Year

New Year's Reflections: Rewinding the Year

SACRAMENTO, CA - Dear 2022,

As you wind down for me, I am able to take a deep and relaxing sigh of relief.

The whole of 2022 has been one enormous whirlwind in my life. From getting engaged to planning a wedding, to kicking my fitness into gear and coordinating with friends around the world, the past 12 months have been anything but relaxing. And, somehow, I’ve become stronger, wiser, and more held together—especially since the start of the pandemic.

I know that COVID-19 has become a bit of a taboo topic, but it’s relevant. It’s still present. And I don’t think it will officially go away anytime soon. But, I’m taking the necessary precautions to keep me and my growing family safe because I’ve realized that the nuptials I’m blessed to put on will be a culmination of love and friendship that have truly come through for me.

The whirlwinds of 2022 have created the space to become stronger, wiser, and more held together, according to Lilian Diep

2023 is a goal at this point in my life. It is the month, year, time I’m striving to make. The prospects for my future life are now brighter for me, and it is invigorating to plan for what’s to come.

You have inspired me to evolve various parts of my life, from self-assurance to patience, and everything in between. All the sappy songs I’ve put on the past year as I count down the days have driven me forward to a new path, and you will not be forgotten.

So, thank you, 2022, for making me stronger, both physically and emotionally, and allowing me to grow.