Organic Grower Summit 2022 Announces Second Educational Session; Matt Seeley and Tom Stenzel Comment

Organic Grower Summit 2022 Announces Second Educational Session; Matt Seeley and Tom Stenzel Comment

MONTEREY, CA - Gear up for some industry-shaking insights, because a panel of fresh produce industry experts is preparing to take the stage and examine what the future of the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) sector will look like in the coming years. At the upcoming Organic Grower Summit (OGS) 2022, presented by Western Growers and Organic Produce Network (OPN), the panelists will take a deep dive into this $100 billion industry.

Matt Seeley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Organic Produce Network"In partnership with Western Growers, this year’s OGS will provide up-to-date resources and information to support the continued success of organic producers, with an emphasis on the changing organic production landscape as well as the role of ag technology," said Matt Seeley, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OPN. "From seed to soil to harvest, our goal is to present the most relevant and timely information on the most important subjects and issues facing organic production."

The panel will be moderated by former United Fresh Produce Association President and Chief Executive Officer and current Executive Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Food Safety Coalition, Tom Stenzel, with panelists including Arama Kukutai, CEO of Plenty; Molly Tabron, Director of Supply for Robinson Fresh; and Matt Ryan, CEO of Soli Organic.

OGS 2022 has announced its second educational session which will have panelists taking a deep dive into the $100 billion controlled environment agriculture industry

According to a press release, “The Growth, Opportunities, and Future of CEA Production” will feature leaders from three progressive companies actively involved in CEA sharing their insight on the current state of indoor and vertical growing, its impact on the organic fresh produce industry, and what the future of this burgeoning industry may look like. The panelists will also discuss the impact of indoor-grown products on the supply chain, the effect of CEA on outdoor organic production, the cost and investment needed to run CEA operations, and consumer acceptance of these new items.

Tom Stenzel, Executive Director, Controlled Environment Agriculture Food Safety Coalition“The CEA sector’s goal is to grow incremental sales of fresh produce by delivering fresh, great tasting, and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables to consumers, with the least environmental impact, reduced use of scarce natural resources, and the most rigorous practices to ensure food safety,” said Stenzel. “These panelists are driving CEA’s success today and will bring outstanding insight into what lies ahead.”

OGS exhibition and general registration are currently open. To find out more about the fifth annual event, click here.

As more session topics and speakers are announced for this anticipated trade show, ANUK will spread the word.

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