Over 8,800 Pounds of Stolen Oranges Caught in Sevilla, Spain

Over 8,800 Pounds of Stolen Oranges Caught in Sevilla, Spain

SEVILLA, SPAIN - Orange you glad you aren’t one of the citrus thieves from Sevilla, Spain? CNN reported that a short chase after two cars came to a close in the Sevilla town of Carmona, where police from the Delegation of Security, Mobility, and Major Festivities of Sevilla City Hall were stunned to find that the two vehicles were filled to the brim with none other than the coveted fruit found in our favorite sangria recipes.

Oranges spilling out of the suspect's vehicle. Image via Twitter

According to Europa Press’s report on the crime, five people have been brought to justice after a ship carrying oranges in Carmona mysteriously "lost" its cargo and three cars were somehow loaded to the limit with oranges. The two vehicles initially pulled over included a couple, their adult son, and two brothers, in addition to the unaccountable sacks and bulks of oranges without proper documentation.

Additional oranges were found in a van. Image via Twitter.

The tip-off for officers was the close proximity in which the first two cars were driving, and further, when Police tried to pull the cars over, the vehicles raced off before the short chase ended down a dirt road. It was at the closing of the chase when officers found the vehicles packed with oranges—and it wasn’t until later that police found a third vehicle, a truck, carrying oranges. The total amount of stolen oranges weighs in at over four tons, a whopping 8,818 pounds (4.4 tons). That’s a whole new reason to pucker our lips when biting into juicy, tart orange stories!

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