Reports: Light Carrot Supplies Due to Smaller Sizing; Matt Hiltner Shares

Reports: Light Carrot Supplies Due to Smaller Sizing; Matt Hiltner Shares

CALIFORNIA - Ever keeping a watchful eye on category market shifts, it came to our attention last week that jumbo and cello carrot supplies were light due to smaller sizing being harvested. While The Source reports these light supplies for some sizes and types, Matt Hiltner, Marketing Coordinator for Babé Farms, tells me that the grower is doing well in other areas of its carrot program.

Matt Hiltner, Marketing Coordinator, Babé Farms“Currently, at Babé Farms, we have strong supplies available for all our colorful carrots,” Matt says. “Our regular packs of baby bunched carrots are available in French (Orange), Pink, Purple, Round (Thumbelina), White, Yellow, and Mixed varieties. We also have good availability for our mixed large 'table size' carrots with tops removed in 25 lb sacks.”

On May 25, The Source reported the light supplies for jumbo and cello carrots. As of June 1, the report shows lighter volumes, with harvesting beginning in Bakersfield, California, starting in early June. However, jumbo carrots are not expected to begin for another few weeks to help increase sizing.

Despite reports of light carrot supplies for cello and jumbo varieties, Babé Farms is seeing strong volumes available across its carrot portfolio

Despite these reports, Babé Farms still sees demand for its carrot products.

“The market for our carrot offerings has been fairly active in recent days,” Matt adds.

As more information on the carrot market becomes available, AndNowUKnow will report.

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