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Snack Feature: Up Close with Foxy Produce's BroccoLeaf

Snack Feature: Up Close with Foxy Produce's BroccoLeaf

As a leader in print for the produce industry, our sister publication, The Snack Magazine, looks to keep a finger on the pulse of all up-and-comers and trend setters. Foxy Produce's BroccoLeaf falls in line with the consumer nutrient-dense demands that have us calling the certain greens "superfoods."

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Up Close: Foxy's BroccoLeaf™

So, what is BroccoLeaf™?

If you ask Foxy Produce, it’s the beginning of a whole new vegetable category and a versatile addition to the organic supergreens evolution. Containing all the wonderful nutrients in broccoli, BroccoLeaf™ - short for broccoli leaves – elevates the eating experience of any dish with a light and sweet flavor and quality.

Significant health attributes include an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin A, folate, potassium, and delivers an adult daily dose of Vitamin C. BroccoLeaf™ is essential to Foxy Produce because the item promotes the consumption of the whole vegetable while also reducing food waste. And let’s not forget that BroccoLeaf™ is organic, non-GMO certified, and packaged for distribution on the national market.

At present, BroccoLeaf™ is sold by the bunch and in 12 oz. packages in select grocery stores.

Becoming increasingly recognized in both the retail and foodservice circuits, Foxy Produce is confident that this new market veggie is the latest "it" superfood. This upward-trending product can be found on store shelves, as well as menus for food outlets like Chopt Creative Salad Company, New York-based Organic Gemini, and more. To follow this item and others that are pushing produce to the front of the consumer mind, keep an eye on the Snack Magazine the daily editions of AndNowUKnow.

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