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Solinftec Secures $60 Million Investment; Britaldo Hernandez and Sanjay Wagle Detail

Solinftec Secures $60 Million Investment; Britaldo Hernandez and Sanjay Wagle Detail

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN & NEW YORK, NY - A key investment has been made in industry innovation, as Solinftec announced it completed a $60 million growth investment round led by the Lightsmith Group. The newly secured funding will reportedly aid the company in the expansion of its digital farm operations platform in North America and South America.

Britaldo Hernandez, Chief Executive Officer, Solinftec“Disruptive technology, in other words, artificial intelligence, data, and automation, can help the agricultural sector overcome its biggest challenge: to produce more food in every square meter of land, with less impact,” said Solinftec Chief Executive Officer Britaldo Hernandez. “Our mission is to give each farm a sustainable future, promoting the accessibility of technologies to producers and transforming agriculture into a more productive practice, while preserving the planet.”

As explained in a press release, Solinftec’s digital farm operating system is used to manage more than 27 million acres in Brazil, the United States, and across Latin America, by growers, cooperatives, and agricultural retailers for field crops such as sugarcane, soy, corn, cotton, and perennial crops such as citrus, coffee, and timber. The company also serves GROWMARK, one of North America’s largest ag cooperatives.

Sanjay Wagle, Managing Director, Lightsmith Group“As climate change and other disruptions continue to put pressure on agricultural productivity and food costs, we need to scale solutions that can help farmers increase productivity per acre while reducing input usage and increasing their responsiveness to changing climate and weather conditions,” notes Sanjay Wagle, Managing Director at the Lightsmith Group. “We are excited to partner with Solinftec in their next stage of growth to become the ‘operating system’ for intelligent, sustainable, and resilient farming.”

To advance the operations of its partners, Solinftec’s innovative farm operations management software, which is powered by its artificial intelligence platform ALICE AI, allows customers to optimally schedule and plan their farming operations and make real-time decisions and adjustments to ensure the best results.

Solinftec has announced it has completed a $60 million growth investment round led by the Lightsmith Group

ALICE AI covers all key operations and equipment on farms, including planting, spraying, harvesting, and tendering. In addition, Solinftec recently added to its farm operations management platform with the launch of its robot to autonomously scan and monitor fields, allowing farmers and agronomists to further increase yields, avoid wasted inputs, and lower environmental impacts.

How will this investment guide Solinftec’s growth in the produce industry? Keep reading AndNowUKnow to find out.

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