SunFed's VP of Sales and Marketing Matt Mandel Becomes COO

SunFed's VP of Sales and Marketing Matt Mandel Becomes COO

RIO RICO, ARIZONA - Matt Mandel, recent Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SunFed, has assumed the new role of COO of the Rio Rico, Arizona-based company. The title change was made official in mid-August, and has proved to be a smooth transition as Matt’s responsibilities have always wavered between sales, production, and trying to keep things running as effortlessly as possible.

Matt Mandel, COO, SunFedWhen I ask Matt what he hopes to accomplish in the new role, he tells me that he wants to ensure that SunFed is able to continue on a path of growth while still delivering on its promise of Perfect Produce®. 

“We put so much effort and heart into every box we ship, I want to make sure our partners are able to take advantage of that hard work and deliver the finest products to their customers,” he says.

Matt Mandel in SunFed's Mexican Acreage

In Matt’s new role, he will be focusing his attention back on the things that have always made SunFed great, operational excellence.

“We grow the best products and we want to make sure that all the gears in this beautiful machine are well-oiled and fine-tuned. I will be working with the CEO, CFO, and CIO to ensure all of the hard work that goes into the ground ends up pleasing our customers,” Matt says.

Matt Mandel Surveying SunFed's Fields in Mexico

Matt started in the business during high school when SunFed first took root, working in the warehouse after classes, repacking hot peppers. After graduating from college and a brief stint in the world of IT and foodservice, Matt made the decision to join the family-run company with his father and SunFed President, Danny Mandel. More than 9-years later, Matt’s contributions continue to be essential to the growth and success of SunFed.

Congrats Matt, from your friends at AndNowUKnow!  Next Siete Leguas shot, or five, is on us.


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