Sunkist Partners With HelloFresh for Mother's Day

Sunkist Partners With HelloFresh for Mother's Day

VALENCIA, CA - Mother’s Day is nearly here! While there are many ways for consumers to celebrate mom on this special holiday, I know two items that will be on many menus this year: HelloFresh’s Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Spinach Salad, each of which feature Sunkist’s delicious Blood oranges.

Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Sunkist GrowersCollaborating with our valued customers is an important way for us to introduce specialty varieties to consumers, especially during this time when in-store sampling programs are on hold,” said Christina Ward, Senior Director of Global Marketing. “Most subscribers may be tasting or cooking with a Sunkist specialty variety for the first time, so it’s rewarding to join forces on these meal kits and give in-home chefs an opportunity to experience just how versatile and flavorful specialty citrus can be.”

Just like so many moms and mother figures in our lives, Sunkist citrus is vibrant, nutritious, and full of zest. These Blood oranges are fresh, naturally sweet, and provide vitamin C—something all moms will truly appreciate.

Sunkist has partnered with HelloFresh to introduce Lemon Ricotta Pancakes and Spinach Salad, each featuring the grower's delicious Blood oranges (Photo credit: HelloFresh)

With many meal kits calling for fresh produce, and some featuring produce at the center of the plate, they provide a way for consumers to explore fresh fruits and vegetables that may be unfamiliar, or in some cases, even intimidating. Christina divulged that consumers have responded positively to the use of Sunkist citrus in recipes, stating that it “added great flavoring to the whole dish” and elevated the dish to a restaurant-quality.

“Meal kits have also played a significant role in showing the versatility of the citrus by using the whole fruit. Consumers can learn how to zest, juice, and segment citrus and incorporate it into recipes in addition to seeking out those varieties in future grocery trips,” Christina told me. “In a study commissioned by Sunkist, shoppers stated that using citrus in a recipe was their top reason for purchasing the category.”

With in-store sampling put on hold, meal kits provide a great way for companies to introduce specialty varieties to consumers

Meal kits aren’t the only places where Sunkist citrus will shine this Mother’s Day.

“We recently debuted Family Segments, a new three-part series on YouTube,” Christina continued. “Each episode, hosted by a chef influencer and their mom, provided at-home cooking tutorials and gave viewers an intimate view into how these chefs use Sunkist citrus in their favorite family recipes”

Meal kits have also played a significant role in showing the versatility of the citrus by using the whole fruit, teaching consumers how to zest, juice, and segment citrus to incorporate it into recipes

Additionally, Sunkist is leveraging a portal called The Twist that reveals new dishes every day, such as the Blood Orange Avocado Toast and Orange-Cream Pancakes. Lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy is featuring Sunkist citrus this Mother’s Day in recipes like the Ojai Pixie Pick Me Up Cocktail and the Ojai Pixie Sorbet. Feature some of these recipes visually next to your citrus set, and shoppers are sure to come running.

Secondary bins also play an important role in highlighting just how well citrus pairs with seafood, poultry, and other proteins because it is so versatile,” said Christina. “Also, the bold, vibrant colors of citrus in the produce section make for an exciting (and edible) bouquet of delicious flavors, perfect for an at-home Mother’s Day brunch.”

In addition to its partnership with HelloFresh, Sunkist is teaming up with lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy to feature citrus-based recipes this Mother’s Day

Citrus season is still here, and Sunkist has promotable volumes for varieties such as Navel oranges, Blood oranges, grapefruit, lemons, Sunkist® Gold Nugget mandarins, and Ojai Pixie tangerines, to name a few. The grower also offers a robust portfolio of sweet and savory recipes that can be found here.

Make this Mother’s Day one to remember for your shoppers with Sunkist citrus.


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