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SUNSET® Ramps Up Local Program with Expanded Acreage in Michigan

SUNSET® Ramps Up Local Program with Expanded Acreage in Michigan

KINGSVILLE, ON – Focusing on further growth to boost its locally-grown program, SUNSET® has announced added acreage for its Michigan-grown produce. SUNSET® has announced that an additional 12 acres in the state has been added for the 2017 season, in perfect time for summer. 

Paul Mastronardi, President & CEO, SUNSET®“Since opening our Coldwater greenhouse facility in 2012, we’ve been filling a growing customer need for fresh, local produce all year long,” shared CEO Paul Mastronardi. “This added acreage helps us continue to fill that need with even more commodities.”

This latest expansion to the company’s successful local program will allow its strategically located greenhouses to harvest, pack, and ship all in one day. According to a press release, the location of SUNSET® greenhouses will also reduce food miles, and of course, promote produce grown close to home. 

“The ability to grow fresh produce in the Midwest any time of year is something we’re very proud of,” continued Mastronardi. “We’re dedicated to getting locally-grown produce into the hands of more and more consumers, and this partnership, in addition to our added acreage, contributes greatly to that initiative. 

SUNSET® Michigan-grown tomatoes and cucumbers

Additionally, SUNSET® Michigan-grown cucumbers will now bear the Pure Michigan logo to further support the local program. English cucumbers are just the latest addition to SUNSET®’s local lineup. The company has been producing flavorful Michigan-grown tomatoes since 2012, award-winning WOW™ berries since 2013, and sweet bell peppers since 2015.

To get your own Michigan-grown produce with the respected SUNSET® label, contact a SUNSET® representative today.


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