Europe's Takeaway and Just Eat Plan Delivery Merger

Europe's Takeaway and Just Eat Plan Delivery Merger

LONDON, ENGLAND - One of the world's largest online food delivery platforms could be hitting the market—and soon. This week, TechCrunch revealed that two of Europe's leading delivery services, Just Eat and, are in the advanced stages of a merger.

If Just Eat and Takeaway successfully merge, it would put pressure on UberEats and Amazon-backed Deliveroo in a massive market: Europe. Specifically, the news source noted that both companies have a market cap of around $5 billion, making their combined market value more than $10 billion.

Just Eat and Takeaway released joint statements outlining the benefits of merging together as one. One of the top benefits listed was scaling up both companies' operations in order to compete with big-name delivery services.

Two of UberEats’ main competitors—Just Eat and—are in the advanced stages of a merger

While Just Eat and Takeaway have not officially merged yet, each company's board has already agreed that Takeaway’s current CEO Jitse Groen would become CEO of the merged company, while Paul Harrison, Just Eat’s current CEO, would tackle the CFO position. The company would also move its headquarters to Amsterdam—the current headquarters of Takeaway.

Just Eat and Takeaway have until August 24 to decide to put the merger into effect or not.

Will Just Eat and Takeaway combine to take on Europe and the burgeoning delivery sector? And how will their competitors respond? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

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