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"Volcano of Fire" Erupts in Guatemala

GUATEMALA - Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego, otherwise known as the “Volcano of Fire,” has erupted once again, just five months after one of its eruptions caused widespread damage to the country’s infrastructure and fresh produce industry. The Volcano of Fire erupted as high as 3,200 ft above the crater, the Guardian reported, adding that hot rock and ash have been drifting toward Guatemala City to the northeast. So far, about 4,000 residents have been evacuated from the area.

Guatemala is currently in the midst of its melon, blackberry, Brussels sprout, banana, and French bean seasons, and while little is known so far about whether or not this eruption will affect production or harvest, it would not be the first time the Volcano of Fire interrupted the fresh produce industry.

In June, the volcano erupted for more than 16 hours and affected as many as 1.7 million people. Guatemala City’s international airport was closed as a result, and several growers reported that local products such as greens, beans, peas, and rambutans were all negatively affected.

Information on the volcano is still slim, but AndNowUKnow will continue to bring you the latest fresh produce news as more is revealed.