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Win $100: Find the ANUK Logo on the Nunes/Peri & Sons Cover of The Snack Magazine

Win $100: Find the ANUK Logo on the Nunes/Peri & Sons Cover of The Snack Magazine

SACRAMENTO, CA – On your mark, get set, GO! At the finish line is a $100 prize, and all you have to do is have your picture snapping fingers at the ready.

Here's how it works:

Find the hidden AndNowUKnow logo, as seen below, on the cover of the June issue of The Snack Magazine, featuring Nunes and Peri & Sons. Then, race your industry frenemies to be the first person to email [email protected] a picture of yourself pointing to the logo.

AndNowUKnow Logo

In order to qualify, the potential winner must send us a picture of themselves pointing out the logo. Then the $100 gift card is yours!

Previous Snack Challenge Winner Daniela Ferro of SUNSET® Produce

Have you seen your fellow industry members grab the prize and thought to yourself, “I could find the logo faster than they can”? This contest is just for you! Don’t miss this chance to sharpen your skills and win bragging rights with this next in our series of competitive challenges.

You’re already wasting time, so make sure to check out your issue of The Snack right now! For reference, check out our last hidden logo on May cover.

Previous winners include:

  • Daniela Ferro of SUNSET®
  • Kate Reeb of Veg-Fresh Farms
  • Mimmo Franzone of Longo’s
  • Scott Hakes of Ciruli Brothers

Interested in receiving a copy of The Snack to give you a leg up in future challenges? Click here to subscribe. Subscriptions are valued at $129 per year.

Good luck friends, and may the fastest eyes in produce win!

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