Nogales Produce Pioneer Beto Maldonado has Passed Away

Nogales Produce Pioneer Beto Maldonado has Passed Away

Nogales Produce Pioneer, Alberto “Beto” Maldonado Guerra, has passed away at the age of 81.

Beto was born in Hermosillo in 1933. He began his long career in the industry with CAB Produce Co. He then went on to GAC Produce and Apollo Produce Distributors before becoming General Manager of Apache Produce Imports LLC, according to Nogales International.

For 25 years, Beto volunteered on the Board of Directors of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas (FPAA), where he served as Chairman of the Board from 1990-1992. He also served on the Board for the United Fresh Produce Association.

The FPAA spoke about Beto in a statement saying, “Beto was a devoted friend and mentor to so many people in the Nogales community and in the produce industry, and he was a loving husband, father and grandfather. Beto’s knowledge, guidance and experience helped lead the Mexican produce industry through vast changes and advancements during his tenure.”

In 2012, Beto was honored with the Pillars of the FPAA Award, a lifetime recognition that acknowledges an individual’s commitment and service to the organization and the industry.

He is survived by his daughters, Carmen Leonor and Alicia; sons Martin Alberto, Jorge and Miguel Angel; and 19 grandchildren.

AndNowUKnow would like to offer our heartfelt sympathies to Beto’s family and friends. He will certainly be missed.