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Giro Pack Wants to Make Filling Easier in Your Packinghouse

Giro Pack Wants to Make Filling Easier in Your Packinghouse

VIDALIA, GA – Giro Pack, Inc. introduces new box filling machine and high-speed dynamic weigher to further streamline and automate packinghouse bagging operations. The new Exact-100 offers more bags per minute, increased accuracy, and the ability to feed 3 baggers simultaneously with the same footprint as most layouts with only 2 baggers.  

The GBF-100 automates the last step in the packaging line (the filling of boxes with net bags); resulting in improved efficiency and ultimately a savings in labor costs. This new machine is also extremely versatile and can accommodate an array of pack styles and weights, across a variety of different commodities.

Stop by Booth #1259 in New Orleans to see the GBF-100 first-hand and watch the Exact-100 video running full production at Fowler Packing.


  • Capacity: Up to 400lbs (200kg) of fruit per minute
  • Output: Up to 90 bags/min (depending on bag size and commodity)
  • Versatility: Ability to run 3 baggers simultaneously
  • Accuracy: 5 grams per dump more accurate than Giro’s previous weigher; Saving up to $0.07 per 5# bag
  • Labor Savings: Overall labor reduction up to 30%
  • Footprint: Up to 50% more output with a smaller footprint than Giro’s previous line


  • Output: Up to 90 boxes/min (depending on bag size and commodity)
  • Labor Savings: Up to 2-4 people; Overall labor reduction up to 30%
  • Box Composition: Plastic and/or carton
  • Box Sizes: 600x400
  • Featured Benefits: Vibrating/compacting device to ensure the proper positioning of the bags inside the box

  • Optional Feature: Rejection system for over/underweight boxes
  • Optional Feature: 1 or 2-layer feeding



For additional details on the GBF-100 or EXACT-100, please contact [email protected]

If you would like more information regarding this topic, please contact Jennifer Doxey, at 559.474.5694 or [email protected].

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