Levarht Introduces New Pick and Pack Hot Pepper Mix Box

Levarht Introduces New Pick and Pack Hot Pepper Mix Box

NETHERLANDS – Levarht is introducing a new concept that aims to heat up pepper sales in supermarkets.

The new pick and pack “Hot Pepper Mix Box” from Levarht allows customers to choose and pick their favorite peppers, as well as the amount they need.

Hot Pepper Mix Box

Levarht’s Natasja van Angeren, PR & Marketing, tells me that that “pick and pack” isn’t just a trend – it’s smart shopping. Customers can experiment with new products without getting stuck with something they might not like.

Natasja van Angeren, PR & Marketing, Levarht“The new Levarht’s pick and pack hot pepper mix box – the way for smart shopping – helps to increase your sales, as well as take care of the environment,” she said.

A heat index on the side of the box indicates the hotness of the pepper and illustrates which varieties can be sorted into its four separate compartments. Retailers, wholesalers, and importers can choose the hot peppers, depending on the season and availability.

To sum it all up, Levarht says that the benefits the “Hot Pepper Mix Box” provides retailers and consumers include:

  • It allows consumers to get what they need
  • It’s less wasteful of product and packaging
  • It generates creativity in the kitchen
  • Pay per unit or on weight
  • Save money by paying for what is needed

The Hot Pepper Mix Box is now available from Levarht.