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Baldor's Kenneth Bower and Tanimura and Antle's Kelsey Crusha Discuss Partnership

Baldor's Kenneth Bower and Tanimura and Antle's Kelsey Crusha Discuss Partnership

NEW YORK AND CALIFORNIA- From Little Red Gems and Artisan lettuces to George T’s Special Colossal Romaine Hearts and Boston lettuces, Baldor Specialty Foods is constantly looking to evolve the staple of American salads. And who better to help them do this, than one of the most well-rooted and innovative teams in produce: Tanimura & Antle. 

Kenneth Bower (right), Senior Buyer for Baldor

Kenneth Bower, Senior Buyer for Baldor, took a few minutes from his day to chat with me about the company’s relationship with T&A, and how the partnership has evolved over the years.

“We have been doing business with T&A for quite some time now, but we have really seen the relationship come to a new level in the past four to five years as we put new programs in place,” Kenneth tells me.

When I ask him what made T&A a good fit for Baldor, Kenneth shares that T&A has a real understanding of the New York market and the high level of quality and service its customers demand. And T&A always meets those high demands. 

“We see ourselves as the top-shelf specialty foods provider on the East Coast and we see T&A as a top shelf grower,” he says. “A match made in heaven.”

Kelsey Crusha, Eastern Region Sales Service Manager for T&AFrom the T&A side of the relationship, the facets appear equally as beneficial. Kelsey Crusha, Eastern Region Sales Service Manager for T&A, tells me that Tanimura & Antle and Baldor's success, as partners, begins with the families.

“Both companies are multi generational, family-owned and operated, with the same core values as leaders in the industry. Baldor has done an amazing job supporting T&A's innovative product line and, most importantly, educating the customer on the realities that face our industry,” Kelsey says. “From ownership down the line, the support is unwavering and I know the partnership is only going to continue to grow.”

So, what are some of the additional highlights of the T&A partnership? Consistent good arrivals, very high fill rate, top-notch unique product variety, and respect for Baldor and the company’s role in the Industry. 

Kenneth Bower (in white) with Owner/CEO TJ Murphy

“Also, T&A’s food safety record is impeccable and the company’s respect for the environment and commitment to sustainable farming is impressive,” Kenneth adds. “The company’s employee and worker relations are great, and this is testament to the care they take with every level, and person, within the operation. They are simply good, honest, people.”

As consumer demand for healthier eating options continues to grow, we will bring you more updates on partnerships and programs in the fresh produce industry.  

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