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Bee Sweet Citrus Summer Import Program, Tiffany Gate's Retail Freshfood System

Bee Sweet Citrus is kicking off its import program from Chile, Peru, and Australia this summer. From now until October, the company will be offering a wide range of citrus items including Navel Oranges, Clementines, Murcott Mandarins, Minneolas, and Lemons. Quality is fantastic this season, with the bulk of the items coming in from Peru and Chile. For retailers, there’s a number of packaging options available, including 3 pound bags or 5 pound bags and boxes. Look forward to the company’s mandarin season this fall!  Joe Berberian, Sales, tells AndNowUKnow, “Quality and volume is going to be great this season. We look at all of the products coming in on arrival and re-pack it to ensure it’s fresh and safe for all of our consumers. We’re a one-stop shop for year-round fresh citrus!”

Tiffany Gate is offering retailers the chance to give consumers the freshest in prepared foods. With its unique “kit system,” the company can provide supermarkets with fresh, locally grown produce shipped daily coast to coast. Each kit is customized with various vegetables and other ingredients that retailers can use to create salads, soups, and other prepared food items. Kits are customized to each supermarket chain, so exclusive programs are available. President Adolph Zarovinsky tells AndNowUKnow, “We can bring the point of creation much closer to the point of consumption for the consumer. We recommend retailers assemble our kits in front of the consumer to show them just how fresh the food is prepared.”

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