Brian Antle of Tanimura & Antle Receives Forbes Impact Award in Innovation

Brian Antle of Tanimura & Antle Receives Forbes Impact Award in Innovation

SALINAS, CA - Tanimura and Antle’s own Brian Antle took home the Forbes Impact Award in Innovation on behalf of the company yesterday, for its Plant Tape innovation.

The inaugural Forbes AgTech Summit hit the heart of the Salinas Valley on Historic Main Street this past Wednesday and Thursday, to bring together the best and brightest of the Silicon and Salinas Valleys.  

Brian Antle Receiving the Forbes Impact Award in Innovation from Vic Smith, Western Growers Chairman and President & CEO of JV Smith Companies

"It is truly an honor to accept this Forbes Impact Award for Innovation on behalf of Tanimura & Antle as I believe it recognizes the 50 years of innovation that the Tanimura and Antle familes have brought to the agricultural industry,” Brian said upon accepting the award from Vic Smith, Western Growers Chairman of the Board and President and CEO of JV Smith Companies.

Brian is the Harvest Manager for Tanimura & Antle and the individual spearheading all things Plant Tape as the company continues to work toward full commercialization of the innovation by next year. 

The company premiered an exclusive video of the current progress of Plant Tape as well as its continued story of progress and innovation. The video is now available to the public on the company’s website and on Facebook, or you can view it below.

“As the world population continues to grow along with the demand for fresh vegetables, we are faced with a big challenge… how to meet this need with less water, less land, less labor, and more regulation,” Brian added.

Plant Tape

Brian also spoke to the company's values of quality, service and innovation. While all of these are great attributes, he noted, it is innovation that he feels is the hardest to achieve and the most rewarding when found. 

"To truly be innovative you have to be willing to stick your neck out financially and sometimes endure the ridicule you will receive for a crazy idea. However, these crazy ideas are what get us to the next level,” he laughed. 

Plant Tape

Brian concluded by saying, "We have come to an interesting crossroads where the ag and tech industries are coming together in an effort to solve some of these problems and innovate for the future.”

That truly was the mindset during the Forbes event this week and one I hope will continue to be cultivated throughout the industry. Congratulations on the award, Brian, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Tanimura & Antle Plant Tape

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