A Deep Dive into Shaping the Future of Golden Sun Insights With Naba Bakar

A Deep Dive into Shaping the Future of Golden Sun Insights With Naba Bakar

MOUND, MN - Combining the creative and the analytical—the left and the right brain—to navigate the world makes for a rare breed of human and even better marketer—especially in our industry. Just look at Naba Bakar, Director of Marketing for Golden Sun Insights (GSI). Having broken into the industry in 2016, Naba is an essential contributor to the new demands of marketing today with a keen eye for the art and science of what makes the industry and the consumer tick.

Naba Bakar, Director of Marketing, Golden Sun Insights“Golden Sun Insights gave me everything I was looking for with a company: a passion for the work I do, creativity, and the opportunity to pull in my analytical side. I was able to find a balance of science/nutrition and business and apply it to a discipline that I am passionate about,” Naba shares with me, delving into her educational background which started in the biological sciences. “I’ve always had a deep respect for science, nutrition, and an even deeper desire to understand how our bodies processed the things we eat.”

After working for a few years as a consultant for a government contractor in DC, Naba found herself moving to Minnesota with her husband and she decided to explore her aptitude for business and, eventually, earned her MBA.

Naba Bakar and Golden Sun Insights each value analytical and creative strategies that drive up the consumption of fresh produce

“I found that I gravitated toward marketing strategy and the various ways to bring products to market," she says. "I took a few roles in the healthcare/medical industry, but I always felt a lack of connection with my passion for food and nutrition. Eventually, I found my way to the produce industry when I interviewed with Golden Sun Insights in 2016.”

As Naba shares, Golden Sun Insights is a unique entity in that it is a strategy-centric firm, grounded in deep retail insights, that supports clients with marketing and business development.

“We have a deep understanding of retail and we regularly execute marketing strategies within the retail space. One of our specialties is launching new items at retail. First and foremost, we begin with the strategy piece and build out our tactics based on what the ultimate objective is for the products and clients. We also focus on consumer and trade marketing. We have a very capable marketing team who is ready to serve all our clients,” Naba tells me, beaming with the same contagious enthusiasm I first encountered when we met at PMA Fresh Summit 2019.

Although Naba Bakar explored other industries, she eventually found her way to fresh produce which fulfills her passion for health and nutrition

As someone who is the primary shopper in her house, Naba has a natural love for selecting only the best ingredients, and it has helped her form a dynamic point of view that guides a unique perspective for GSI.

“I love to cook with fresh produce and create recipes for my family. I look at produce not only from the lens of marketing a product, but because produce is something that I’m passionate about, I look at it from the lens of the purchaser. It’s not just a job for me, the products and clients we support are something that I believe deeply in and I wouldn’t be comfortable promoting products I couldn’t stand behind,” she reflects.

With a background and vision this multifaceted, Naba's passion for produce is helping to shape the future for Golden Sun Insights. So, what is next for Naba and the GSI team? Stay tuned to find out more this month!

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