DelFrescoPure® Nears End of Tomato Growing Season; Ray Mastronardi Discusses

DelFrescoPure® Nears End of Tomato Growing Season; Ray Mastronardi Discusses

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KINGSVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - October brings tons of fall-inspired recipes to the forefront of consumers’ minds, and one thing that many of those recipes have in common is the small red bulbs that add a burst of flavor to any dish. So, as DelFrescoPure® nears the end of its tomato growing season, I got a chance to talk with Vice President of Sales Ray Mastronardi about the current market and how to navigate the path to soaring tomato sales.

Ray Mastronardi, Vice President of Sales, DelFrescoPure®“The season has been looking great!” Ray begins. “The quality, as well as the ample production, has made for a very successful growing season. The only issue we have had in regards to weather is a little bit too much heat. Otherwise, we have had very ideal weather conditions this year.”

Reaching the end of its tomato growing season, DelFrescoPure is in the process of harvesting all of its specialty tomatoes, as well as Beefsteak and Tomatoes on the Vine. As Ray tells me, the tomato market currently has good volume for retail promotions, setting grocers up with a prime chance to drive category growth.

Combining quality with ample production, DelFrescoPure® is experiencing a very successful tomato growing season

For retailers looking to do just that, DelFrescoPure offers support to its partners through its years of experience, transparency, and year-round quality produce. This allows buyers to not only supply consumers with a premium product all year long, but also to identify the perfect opportunities to promote tomatoes effectively.

“DelFrescoPure is committed to providing the highest quality produce all year round,” Ray adds, “and our multiple varieties of tomatoes are no exception. Quality is and always has been our main focus.”

Offering experience, transparency, and year-round quality produce, DelFrescoPure® is able to share key insights into the perfect tomato merchandising opportunities with retailers

DelFrescoPure is more than ready to fill your shelves with its vibrant tomato varieties, and your shoppers will be clearing them out just as quickly. Keep an eye out for the next update from AndNowUKnow as we continue to bring you market updates from across the produce industry.


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