DMA Solutions' Marci Allen Shares 9 Marketing Bases to Cover Before the 2015 PMA Fresh Summit

DMA Solutions' Marci Allen Shares 9 Marketing Bases to Cover Before the 2015 PMA Fresh Summit

ATLANTA, GA - PMA Fresh Summit in Atlanta, Georgia is exactly 25 days away and at ANUK, we believe that it’s never too early to start prepping. So we reached out to the DMA Solutions team, a great go-to for show-related queries, to find out what insights they had on being show-ready.

So, take a few tips from DMA's Account Manager, Marci Allen. We promise not to disappoint.

Get your website up to date.

This is a critical sales tool that provides a strong representation of who your company is and what value you can offer.

Get your onsite social media strategy and plan in place.

What will be shared during the show and who will be doing it?

Arm the sales team.

Make sure your team has an understanding of all the assets they have available to make their job easier while onsite – they can't use what they don’t know about.

Advertise in advance what will be new or interesting in your booth.


I.e. products, services, packaging – create interest and give people a reason to squeeze you into their busy schedule.

Send pre-show communications to targeted attendees.

Give them a compelling reason to visit the booth. You have to put yourself on their radar if you want to capture their attention.

Present a unified presence at the show.

Be sure all pieces of company collateral are branded the same, and put your best foot forward with a cohesive brand message and design.

Increase visibility with sponsorships.

Multiplying your brand presence helps ensure your target audience doesn’t miss noticing you.

Coordinating booth attire.

Your team members are essentially walking billboards for your brand. Use those brand impressions wisely.

Work with your team to determine measurable goals.

After all the hard work you’ve put into this show, you’ll want to be able to celebrate wins and evaluate opportunities to improve next time.

Stay tuned for more PMA Fresh Summit tips from DMA Solutions in our coming attendee-focused article, as well as all relevant updates from AndNowUKnow leading up to the big show!

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