FiveStar Gourmet Foods Debuts Organic Salad Shakers at Costco; Tal Shoshan Shares

FiveStar Gourmet Foods Debuts Organic Salad Shakers at Costco; Tal Shoshan Shares

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ONTARIO, CA - A quick stroll through your local Costco may reveal an enticing new shakeup to the organic salad sector. FiveStar Gourmet Foods has pulled back the curtain on its newest creation under the Simply Fresh Salads® brand, debuting its Organic Caesar Salad Shaker exclusively at Costco stores.

Tal Shoshan, Chief Executive Officer, FiveStar Gourmet Foods“We are excited to introduce our game-changing creation, the longstanding partnership with Costco and Simply Fresh continues with our latest Organic Caesar Salad Shaker,” said Tal Shoshan, Chief Executive Officer of FiveStar Gourmet Foods. “With its reduced plastic waste, extended shelf-life, and incredible shaker bowl design, we are revolutionizing the way people experience salads. It's a true game-changer for the industry.”

The Simply Fresh Organic Caesar Salad Shaker is offered in a groundbreaking patented shaker bowl design, which maximizes convenience and extends the freshness and shelf-life of the product. FiveStar Gourmet Foods has developed a cutting-edge solution that maintains the crispness and flavor of the ingredients for extended periods, reducing food waste while ensuring consumers can enjoy fresh salads for longer.

FiveStar Gourmet Foods has rolled out its new Organic Caesar Salad Shaker under its Simply Fresh Salads® brand, exclusively available at Costco

With a simple “snap and shake”, the shaker bowl evenly coats each bite with the delectable Organic Caesar dressing, resulting in a mess-free and satisfying meal for shoppers. What more could you ask for in a salad offering?

According to a recent press release, the Simply Fresh Organic Caesar Salad Shaker addresses a variety of consumer and environmental concerns, prioritizing sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials made with recycled water bottles to minimize the brand’s ecological footprint.

The Organic Caesar Salad Shaker debuts exclusively at all Los Angeles Costco locations this month. How will FiveStar continue to innovate its growing portfolio? Keep clicking on ANUK to find out.

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