Florida Weather Makes for a Tight Tomato Market

Florida Weather Makes for a Tight Tomato Market

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FLORIDA - Row tomato growers in the Florida region continue to combat the challenges Mother Nature is presenting them, with conditions making it a tight market on the supply end.

“The market is currently high due to historically low shipments out of Florida due to extreme weather impacts from record high temperatures in November & December,” one grower tells us. “And then recent severe weather – with excessive rains and wind.”

While it looks to be a high market in general, demand, sizing, and availability will affect the pricing of each tomato variety individually, sources said, whether they be grapes, cherries, rounds, romas, or hot house.

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For Florida grape tomatoes, it was reported that the volatile weather conditions have set supplies behind in comparison to previous years, having stunted growth and even damaging some crops further south.

As a result, demand has continued to exceed supply to date while growers seek to provide against nature’s challenges. But what has gone out has been good.

"Quality has been good for whatever's come off the plant; we haven't had any issues on stuff packed up," one grower said.

While it looks like there are a few more showers to come and supplies are tight, grape tomato growers added that they remain optimistic that growing conditions will improve in the coming weeks.

AndNowUKnow will continue to follow reports in these and other growing regions as they continue to ride out these storms.