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Freska's Bunny Label Reminds Retailers to Include Mangoes in Its Grocery Easter Basket

Freska's Bunny Label Reminds Retailers to Include Mangoes in Its Grocery Easter Basket

SACRAMENTO, CA - Last week, while shopping at my local Raley’s, it was impossible to miss Freska Produce’s Mexican Ataulfo yellow mangoes front and center by the entrance of the store at 5 mangoes for $5.

The strategic position of placing produce in the prime real estate of the store is not new, as we have covered previously, but this was the first time I was seeing the international produce company’s Ataulfo mangoes being sold under its Bunny label.

Gary Clevenger, Co-Founder, Freska“Bunny is one of our flagship labels that we are very proud of and make sure we ship top quality in each and every package,” Gary Clevenger, Co-Founder and Managing Member for Freska Produce, tells me.

The label name, the “B” taking the shape of a bunny profile, and pairing with the vibrant yellow color of the Ataulfos definitely brought thoughts of the upcoming Easter holiday. While Gary did say that the company’s Red Fruit, Tommy Atkins, and Ataulfos yellow varieties are its biggest Easter categories, apparently the real boost for the mango market is right after the holiday.

“After Easter the mango market will get a little more aggressive,” Gary tells me. “Prior to Easter supplies will be a little tight. There will be a few promotions, but a lot more supplies are expected after Easter.”

In anticipation of this, the company wants to emphasize this super fruit and the need for it to be made more of a staple in the produce aisle.

“It’s time to bring the mangoes out of the baskets and onto the shelves for the summer promotions,” Gary said. “Get this wonderful piece of fruit out there so everybody can try them and that equates into profits on the retail produce aisles.”

The good news is that, in my local Raley’s at least, this appears to be happening. That is, after all, how this all got started.

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