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Frontera’s Misty Ysasi Talks Season's Texas Cabbage

Frontera’s Misty Ysasi Talks Season's Texas Cabbage

EDINBURG, TX - It’s no secret that La Niña has delivered an uncharacteristically white winter to certain regions of Texas. But the produce wheels keep on turning, and according to Frontera’s Misty Ysasi, Director of Marketing and Communications, cabbage is coming out virtually unaffected.

Misty Ysasi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Frontera Produce

“We held off on any announcements while we spent some time assessing and were able to get out of the recent weather with no damage,” Misty shared. “We currently are seeing elevated markets as other parts of the country have been effected."

Frontera’s region of Edinburg and the surrounding areas saw little-to-no permanent effects outside of harvest delays, despite the curveball Mother Nature has thrown the industry.

“We were getting prepared in case the weather caused any issues, but luckily we were free and clear of any damage. We have seen an increase in demand and are in full operation, business as usual,” she shared.

Frontera cabbage field

Frontera doesn’t currently expect any spikes in the cabbage market at this time, and the only delay to speak of is the current transportation rates we reported previously.

“Carrier availability, if anything, is all that is still influencing any delay in getting products to market,” Misty clarified.

As the company looks toward its other areas of expertise, namely its upcoming mango season and the onion season of its sister company, Crescent Fruit and Vegetable, we will continue to report on all the latest through AndNowUKnow.


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