Gold Coast Packing's Crystal Chavez Discusses Holiday Strategies and Markets for Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Cauliflower

Gold Coast Packing's Crystal Chavez Discusses Holiday Strategies and Markets for Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, and Cauliflower

SANTA MARIA, CA - March has been a lion for some and a lamb for others, but one thing is for sure—the time is flying. So, if you are looking to sneak in an extra boost as shoppers come in for those last-minute St. Paddy’s Day meals, consider where you placed your broccoli and Brussels sprouts, according to Crystal Chavez, Marketing Coordinator for Gold Coast Packing.

Crystal Chavez, Marketing Coordinator, Gold Coast Packing“These veggies can help add some green to your St. Patrick’s Day display with a twist. The traditional corned beef and cabbage meal can be updated with roasted broccoli or sauteed Brussels sprouts,” she points out. “Or, urge shoppers to try sautéing any corned beef leftovers with quartered Brussels sprouts for a delicious post-St. Paddy’s day meal.”

And if you are squared away for the green-powered holiday, Easter is hot on its heels, falling on the first Sunday of April this year.

Gold Coast Packing brings an extra boost to last-minute St. Paddy's Day meals that are sure to bring in a twist to a green-powered season

“Broccoli and cauliflower have always been a year-round item with a lot of popularity. But the need to cook at home over the last year has really driven the growth and love for the floret items. Likewise, Brussels is the veggie that was always a seasonal favorite that is now the new trendy vegetable,” Crystal tells me. “Volume for broccoli and Brussels sprouts have been excellent this year, and we have the perfect supply for the upcoming holidays. Spinach is also looking great and is one of those versatile vegetables ready for multiple uses. It can be used in your Easter salads or cooked down for a warm side dish with your Easter ham.”

Cauliflower, too, is seeing great quality, though Crystal shares that some recent weather is spelling lower supply in the coming weeks. Demand is a bit lower than normal, however, and Gold Coast does not expect too much tightening in the market.

Gold Coast is seeing great quality in its cauliflower and the market is calm as the grower prepares for the next transitional period

In fact, she points out, the market is calm as the company heads into the next transitional period for the growing season.

“We are starting our transition out of the desert, and that will continue over the next two weeks. Then, harvesting will be completely out of the Santa Maria Valley. We believe demand-wise this may be the calm before the storm as the country transitions. More states are opening up, restaurants and kids are going back to school, so the demand for product should be felt in the coming weeks,” Crystal forecasts.

That horizon, it appears, will be here before we know it, and ANUK will be sure to report on each step as it approaches.

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